Andy Young

Andy Young has been in the counseling field for more than 20 years. He is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC), a certified alcohol and drug counselor (CADC), and holds a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling.

"I believe that solutions are often found when we discover our own strengths and nurture them through new learning and new skills. As a therapist, I strive to provide the creative, compassionate atmosphere that allows my clients to do just that."

"One of the things I value as a counselor is having the privilege to witness and take part in the potential for recovery and healing that can occur, even in the midst of great strife or despair."

Andy specializes in working with substance abuse, marriage issues, infidelity, child/adolescent behavioral issues, parenting, domestic violence, and anger management. Clients of all ages often comment on the comfort, ease, and sense of empowerment they feel in working with him to reach their therapy goals.

Jessica Young

Jessica Young, LCPC

Jessica Young has been in the counseling field for over fifteen years. She is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC), a board certified dance/ movement therapist (BC-DMT), and a certified movement analyst (GLCMA).

"I believe that restoration and healing occurs in therapy when we bring body and mind together. Our own movement and the language of the body are resources that too often remain untapped in our pursuit of emotional well being and wholeness."

Jessica specializes in using body-based psychotherapy to address mental health issues. She is a full-time faculty member of Columbia College Chicago's Dance Movement Therapy and Counseling department and provides clinical training and supervision for professional counselors and dance therapists.

Julie Trytek Vague

Jessica Young, LCPC

Julie Trytek Vague has been in the counseling field for more than fifteen years.  She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and a Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor (CADC) and has a Master of Arts Degree in Community Counseling.

Julie’s collaborative approach to therapy, along with her expertise in substance abuse, depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma allows you to find therapeutic solutions that fit your situation and meet your needs.

 “I believe in empowering my clients, helping them to unveil their strengths and increase their confidence.  Creating a warm and supportive environment, I strive to help my clients find hope that recovery is possible.”